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RiSEO Niche Edits
(Link Insertions)

What Are RiSEO Niche Edits?

(Packages from £80.00)


RiSEO Niche Edits (Link Insertions), also referred to as curated links or contextual links, involve obtaining links and mentions for your website from blog posts already published on the internet. These link mentions serve as indicators of authority for search engines, helping to boost your website's ranking in search results. Our service allows you to leverage the advantages of being featured in established content that has already established authority over time.

RiSEO Niche Edits

SEO Benefits Of RiSEO Niche Edits

A   Incorporated seamlessly within the natural flow of the content, these are links that appear organically and are part of the editorial context.


B   Utilizing trusted and matured content, RiSEO Niche Edits offer an excellent means to broaden your link portfolio and enhance its diversity.

C   Our services grant access to websites that do not permit new content for guest posts, but do allow for link insertions, thereby expanding your outreach opportunities.

D    Unlike traditional guest posts, RiSEO Niche Edits have the potential to yield faster ranking improvements as the existing authoritative content has already been recognized by Google.

E   For optimal backlink profile diversification and SEO outcomes, it is recommended to combine RiSEO Niche Edits with our Link Outreach services, maximizing their effectiveness.

What You Get

  • 1 Placement on site with Domain Rating (as per Ahrefs) DR 20+ to DR 60+ Site

  • 1 URL & 1 Keyword(s)

  • In-Content 'Do-Follow' Permanent Link

  • Manual Outreach

  • Niche Relevant Site Placement

  • High Quality Placement

  • Transparent Reporting (White Label)

  • Account Manager (Members)

You can tailor your package in the Plans and Pricing section! 

How RiSEO Niche Edits Works

Manual Outreach
Search Links

You provide us with your anchor text and target URLs. Our outreach team will canvass the internet for blog posts, assess appropriate opportunities, and communicate with website owners to discuss enhancing the value of their posts.

Clever Content
Input Information

Our experienced team of copywriters goes above and beyond to create valuable content that elevates these blog posts. They ensure that your link is seamlessly and organically integrated into the flow of the content.

Transparent Reporting
Transparent Report

On completion (Approx. 14 business days), we will provide you with a comprehensive overview of the Domain Rating metrics associated with each placement, and you will receive a full transparent unbranded CSV file for seamless white labeling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are RiSEO Niche Edits/Link Insertions? Niche Edits (Link Insertions), also referred to as "curated links" or "contextual links" are a form of link building strategy in which a link to your website is seamlessly added to a pre-existing article or blog post. The purpose of implementing this approach is to obtain backlinks from reputable and relevant websites, thereby enhancing search engine rankings. In the realm of digital marketing, link insertions are gaining increasing popularity. Since the content to which we add your links already exists and has been previously indexed by Google, these links tend to undergo faster re-indexing and carry established authority.

How will the content's relevancy be ensured? Our outreach team diligently seeks out the most suitable opportunities to ensure that your link mention aligns with your order specifications, maintaining its relevance. While it may be relatively straightforward to find relevant content for popular subjects, the true challenge lies in seamlessly integrating the link mention within the contextual flow. You can rest assured that our copywriting team will handle this task for you.

Where are the links inserted? The remarkable aspect is that we ensure every link and mention is seamlessly incorporated within the natural flow of the content. Despite adding the link at a later stage, the content will retain its organic appearance, as if the link had always been an integral part of it.

What if you encounter difficulty finding any websites related to my specific topic? To date, we have successfully fulfilled all orders we've received. However, there may be exceptional cases in highly specialized fields where link building becomes more challenging. If there is an issue pertaining to your niche, we will thoroughly review your order and provide a complete refund if necessary.

What anchor text should I select for this package? The key with Niche Edits (link insertions) is to make them look like the anchor texts belong in the content. For example, instead of “SEO UK” – use “SEO company in the UK” or “SEO in the UK” so that a grammatically accurate sentence structure can be formed. We recommend keeping it to no more than 7 keywords.

Are you open to taking orders from gambling or pharmaceutical clients? While it is true that building link building relationships in the gambling and pharmaceutical industries can be challenging, we do have experience in these niches. We are open to discussing the possibility of creating a customized plan and pricing specifically tailored to accommodate such clients.

What is the expected duration of RiSEO Niche Edit links? Our placements are designed to have a lasting impact, and you can anticipate them to remain indefinitely. We provide a guarantee for a minimum of 120 days. The majority of placements will endure for many years, and nearly all of them will persist as long as the blog exists. However, it is important to note that some loss over time is inevitable due to the nature of link building. Bloggers may change their focus or decide to discontinue their site at any given point in time.

In which countries do you secure placements? The majority of bloggers are based out of the US, UK and Australia. It's important to note that all the blogs we collaborate with for niche links are in the English language.

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