RiSEO Assault

What Is RiSEO Assault?

(Packages from £280.00)


Sometimes you need something stronger to boost up a secondary site or your backlinks, and one way to do that is to send homepage links to them (No subscription or contract required!). We’ve developed a huge amount of relationships with site owners in nearly every niche. After you give us your keywords and URLs, we go out and manually contact these publishers in your niche and place links on the sidebar (homepage).

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High Authority, Niche Websites

Authority is a measure of a sites power online and is shown in a sites ranking on search engines.

The sites that we partner with for our High Powered Backlink package have a domain authority of at least 15+ (Average DA (Moz) 20-30 but at least 15 for every site).

What You Get

  • From 5 to 20 High Authority Links 

  • Links secured on the Homepage of High Domain Authority (DA) websites 

  • Websites will be related to your niche / business

  • Sidebar placement (Homepage only and not site wide for best SEO practice)

  • No Subscription or contract required

You can tailor your package in the Plans and Pricing section! 

How RiSEO Assault Works

Input Information
Input Information for SEO

To get started just fill out a simple form that will include your site URLs, keyword anchor text and your 'Niche' and our team will take it from there.

Link Placement
Search Links for SEO

We contact publishers and place your links on their sites.

Transparent Reporting
Transparent Report for SEO

We aim to deliver a fully transparent white label report within 7 business days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I send these links to my main site?

If you are building links to your main site, we suggest higher quality link building like RiSEO Guest Post. These are more suited for reputation management campaigns or boosting 2nd tier properties.

How is this different from RiSEO Pillars?

With RiSEO Pillars, we go out and build you new mini-authority sites every time. With RiSEO Assault, these sites are already established and have authority.

Are these like blogroll links?


Are all the sites WP sites?

Mostly WP sites, some may not be. It’s up to the site owner.

Are sites in same niche as money site?

We try to get as close to your niche as possible. We have a lot of inventory so we should be able to get close.

Are sidebar links risky?

If you don’t have good diversity, you could blow your link profile with a site-wide link. However, RiSEO Assault links are not site-wide, they are homepage only so they are very different from what you think of as a normal sidebar link. We still encourage you to use in moderation and keep your diversity high.

What is the average link DA for the 5, 10 and 20 package?

Average DA (Moz) 20-30 but at least 15 for every site.

Do you recommend keyword anchor text for these or URL/brand?

To keep things natural, we suggest focusing on natural, branded, and benign keywords pointed to high traffic pages to drive as much authority as possible to those pages in the safest way possible.

Do these sites look like real sites or do they look like PBN sites?

Most do look like PBN sites.

Do all the links have to be from the same domain or same niche?

For RiSEO Assault, no. You can use any links / anchor / niche combos that you want. We do recommend buying at least 5 links per site though to see any significant movement.

Will my link in the sidebar be next to any pharma or casino links?

Only if you are building links for a pharma or casino site, otherwise no.

How many websites do you have relationships with?

We have access to over 15,000 sites and growing. We only place your links on the most suitable ones.