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Top 5 Reasons To Increase Your Link Building In 2023

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

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Being a new start-up business or a SaaS organization, people are likely to know the importance of a robust SEO strategy. They go beyond using the correct keywords, basic content, technical structure, or continuing a well-implemented meta-data structure.

Link building or adding backlinks to your content significantly boosts your SEO strategies and increases rankings on search engines. Recent surveys reveal that websites that secure the first rank on Google tend to have 3.8 times increased backlinks than the rest of the top-rated websites or articles.

If you are trying to enhance your SEO game and double-up your target audience organically, here is a list of reasons for backlinking your content.

Boosts authority and credibility

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools have site metrics used to evaluate a website's reliability. Metrics like domain authority and domain rating are examples that determine the degree of authenticity related to a website.

Domain authority is significantly calculated by assessing the backlink profile of a website. A website's backlink profile can be understood as the quality and quantity of backlinks added to the content. The authority and credibility of a website can be remarkably uplifted by adding a higher number of good-quality backlinks to the website.

Enhances the number of target audience

Link Building is an excellent way to reach your target audience, as the more backlinks that are pointing to a website, the higher authority it tends to have. This increases authority in terms of the SEO system and helps get a better ranking among thousands of websites.

Additionally, if you have more web pages linking to your website (reference websites), you are more likely to get organic traffic directed toward your site.

Improve your internal linking strategy

Internal linking is another factor that can appreciably enhance your SEO strategies. This is because internal links aid in a better crawling and indexing process by search engines.

The crawl and indexing process can be understood as ‘search engines scouring the available content and then storing and organizing the content found’. Recent surveys show that 51% of marketers recommend adding 2 to 3 internal links to the content to amplify one's SEO strategies and results.

Reduces bounce rates

Bounce rates refer to the number of people who visit your website once without looking at any other page than the landing page. With the help of link building, especially internal linking, one can easily keep their audience engaged and direct them to different internal pages.

In addition to this, internal linking makes it easier for Google, as well as the audience, to navigate through your websites in a well-organized manner. By creating an easy-to-navigate path for the users for the content they are looking for, you are ultimately making them stay on your website for extended periods, thus reducing bounce rates.

Creates better revenue opportunities & sales

With an improved organic target audience and SEO metrics, your website is more likely to receive revenue opportunities. Such a system also acts as an excellent word-of-mouth approach.

Having backlinks and websites linking to your site can significantly increase brand awareness and invite more potential customers. Every website has a distinctive set of viewers, purchasers, and users. Having your website linked to various other websites increases your exposure to a more influential and radical audience and can even convert some viewers into potential customers.


The benefits of backlinking or link building in improving one's SEO results are far-reaching. Although it may take time to fully understand the most effective way of utilizing backlinks, almost every company and organization must learn the backlinking tactics. Several reliable SEO link-building agencies will help you provide organic growth strategies for your business including which is highly rated.

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